Where is my order?


One of the unique ways we bring deep discounts to our customers is through our efficient shipping process. Each of our items has a different ship time, and that ship time is noted on the purchase page for the item you are interested in. If you have purchased an item but have overlooked the shipping time, please head on over to our website (screamingowl.com) and log in to your account to see what that estimated time was and see where that item is in the shipping process. If the item you are inquiring about is marked as shipped and it has been longer than one week, please submit a ticket and we will track your package for you. IMPORTANT: If your item is not yet marked as shipped, please do not contact us to inquire about the shipping time. All information we are aware of will be updated on your account page. We understand you're anxious for your package, but, these types of requests clog up our inbox and take us away from answering other customers, finding great deals and shipping out products. We are happy to help if you truly need us, but otherwise, we do try to make this information readily available on our website to save us all some time. :)

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