Can I request a refund?


Due to the unique nature of our deals, all items are final sale. This is noted on each item's purchase page. Because the items we sell are made to order and we count on your order to help us achieve our quantity discount with our suppliers, we can not allow returns or exchanges. We hope you understand that this practice is not to be inflexible or to not stand behind our products. It's simply part of the way we're able to keep our prices at rock bottom for you. If you do have a situation where you've received a damaged item, we will be happy to replace it. Simply create a ticket and tell us about it and we'll make sure you are taken care of. *Please note that we do not offer exchanges for size or color changes, so please order carefully. We also recommend that you review your receipt after you place your order to ensure it went through for the item you intended to purchase. If you can email us prior to the item being shipped, we will be happy to change that for you.

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